what is physics?


1. A particle with rest mass m moves with speed 0.6c. Its kinetic energy is ……
A. 0.18mc2
B. 0.22mc2
C. 0.25mc2
D. mc2

2. Which of the following particles is stable?
A. Neutron
B. Proton
C. Pion
D. Muon

3. To travel at a constant speed, a car engine provides 24 KW of useful power. The driving
force on the car is 600 N. At what speed does it travel?
A. 2.5 m s–1
B. 4.0 m s–1
C. 25 m s–1
D. 40 m s–1

4. A pure semiconductor at room temperature has:
A. more electrons/m2 in its conduction band than holes/m2 in its valence bond
B. more electrons/m2 in its conduction band than a typical metal
C. more electrons/m2 in its valence band than at T=0K
D. more electrons/m2 inits conduction band than at T = 0K.

5. The proper time between two events is measured by clocks at rest in a reference frame in
which the two events
A. occur at the same time
B. occur at the same coordinates
C. occur at separate coordinates
D. occur at separate times and separate coordinates

6. A handbag weighing 162 N is carried by two students each holding the handle of the bag
next to him. If each handle is inclined at 60o to the vertical, find the force on each
student’s arm
A. 324 N
B.162 N
C. 121 N
D. 81 N

7. A rope is being used to pull a mass of 10 kg vertically upward. Determine the tension on
the rope, if starting from rest, the mass acquires a velocity of 4 ms-1 in 8s [g= 10ms-2].
A. 105 N
B. 95 N
C. 50 N
D.55 N

8. A boy observes a piece of stone at the bottom of a river 6.0 m deep. If he looks vertically
from the surface of the river, how far does the stone appear to be from him?
[Refractive index of water = 34 ]
A. 8.0 m
B. 4.5 m
C. 6.0 m
D. 5.5 m

9. A cell has an internal resistance of 0.01 Ω. An instrument that can measure the resistance
accurately is ………..
A. Ohm- meter
B. Potentiometer
C. Electroscope
D. oscilloscope

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