What is Literature?




1. Pick the ODD item out in the list.
A. Euripides
B. Aeschylus
C. Henrik Ibsen
D. Aristophanes

2. The plays written by _________ relied heavily on the use of deus ex machina, the
unexpected introduction of a god to solve the dilemma of the character and bring the
play to their conclusion.
A. Wole Soyinka
B. Euripides
C. Ola Rotimi
D. Sophocles

3. The play Lysistrata is a
A. satire
B. tragedy
C. melodrama
D. farce

4. Sophocles’ best known plays are
A. Oedipus Rex and The Flies
B. Antigone and Oedipus at Colonus
C. Oedipus Rex and Electra
D. Antigone and Electra.

5. Greek drama originated from________
A. festivals
B. initiations
C. weddings
D. dithyrambs

6. Which of these plays does not have an eponymous title?
A. Hedda Gabler
B. Macbeth
C. Fences
D. Lysistrata

7. The generation of incompatible interest often between a character and an opposing
character Is known as
A. conflict
B. dramatic irony
C. dialogue
D. climax

8. The major feature of drama is _________
A. action and character
B. dialogue and action
C. character and dialogue
D. action and epilogue

9. Drama is different from poetry because a play
A. uses elevated language
B. involves tragic elements
C. exists mainly in actions
D. uses many characters.

10. A dramatic form whose outcome is funny and its actions rather hard to believe is a
type of play called a ___________.
A. poetic drama
B. comedy
C. farce
D. melodrama

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