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1. Because c
Alī accepted arbitration between himself and Muc
āwiyah, a group of his
followers seceded. This group is known as
A. Shīcah.
B. Sunnī.
C. Khawārij.
D. Qadariyyah.

2. When Caliph cUmarIbn Al-Khattāb was about to die, he appointed a six-man
committee to
A. punish his attacker.
B. oversee the affairs of Muslims.
C. manage his property.
D. choose a successor.

3. The head of a tribe among the Arabs of the Pre-Islamic Era was popularly called
A. Abū.
B. Shaykh.
C. Sayyid.
D. Raīs.

4. In Islam, Prophet Muḥammad (SAW) is believed to be
A. a human being like any other individual.
B. absolutely infallible.
C. a super human being.
D. the only true messenger of Allah.

5. Prophet Muḥammad (S.A.W) was born in
A. 570 C.E.
B. 571 C.E.
C. 572 C.E.
D. 573 C.E.

6. One of the achievements of Caliph c
UmarIbn al-Khattāb was
A. formalization of Islamic calendar.
B. standardization of the Qur’ān.
C. compilation of Hadīth.
D. institutionalization of Fiqh.

7. The year in which Prophet Muḥammad (S.A.W) was born was known in Islamic
history as the
A. Year of Victory.
B. Year of Deputation.
C. Year of Elephant.
D. Year of Light.

8. The first major encounter between Prophet Muḥammad (SAW) and the Quraysh was
at the battle of
A. Badr.
B. Hunayn.
C. Khandaq.
D. Uḥud.

9. The first migration of the earlier Muslims was made to
A. Tā’if.
B. Madīnah.
C. Yemen.
D. Abyssinia.

10. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah was signed in the year
A. 624 C.E.
B. 626 C.E.
C. 628 C.E.
D. 630 C.E.

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