What is government?



1. A government based on the rule of law is known as
A. Constitutional Government
B. Military Government
C. Confederal Government
D. Monarchial Government

2. A political concept that is defined as the beliefs, attitudes, and values of the society is
referred to as
A. Political socialization
B. Socialization
C. Political culture
D. Cultural socialism

3. One of these countries adopted the policy of assimilation as a colonial policy
A. Germany
B. Britain
C. Portugal
D. France

4. The appointment, ratification and dismissal of Emirs in the Pre-Colonial Hausa-Fulani
was done by
A. Emirs of Kano and Katsina
B. Emirs of Gwandu and Sokoto
C. Emir of Ilorin and Kwararafa
D. Emir of Shonga and Biu

5. The first military coup d’tat in Nigeria took place in
A. 1960
B. 1968
C. 1966
D. 1965

6. In the Oyo traditional political system, the Alaafin of Oyo was Selected or chosen by a
group known as
A. Tributary chiefs
B. Bales
C. Obas
D. Ogboni

7. Sovereignty is limited by
A. The criminal code
B. Decrees
C. The legal system
D. International law

8. Which of the following is NOT characteristics of democracy?
A. Popular sovereignty
B. Regular elections
C. Majority rule
D. Limited franchise

9. Liberalism is a philosophy associated with
A. Socialism
B. Capitalism
C. Feudalism
D. Nazism

10. One of the following is the primary duty of citizens to the state
A. loyalty of traditional rulers
B. obedience to ministers
C. obedience to politicians
D. allegiance to the government

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