What is geography?


1. In which of the following options is the soil matched with the wrong type of climate?
A. Podzol: Cool temperate
B. Chernozem: Temperate desert
C. Brown soils: Warm temperate
D. Lateritic soils: Tropical

2. At the summer solstice (June 21), which of the following latitudes will have the shortest
A. 60oN
B. 30oN
C. 30oS
D. 60oS

3. Which of the following sedimentary rocks is mechanically formed?
A. Chalk
B. Coal
C. Shale
D. Limestone

4. Cultural landscape as a concept refers to
A. The total portions of the earth system made by man
B. Land devoted to cultural activities
C. The untampered-with land
D. Lands under ownership dispute

5. Identify the reason villages and cities are said to be mutually complementary for the
sustenance of man.
A. Agricultural produces of rural areas feed the city dwellers while manufactures used
in the villages are dominantly made in urban areas
B. The percentage of rural dwellers far exceeds that of the city dwellers globally.
C. The oldies retire to the rural areas always.
D. More people reside in urban than rural areas.

6. Large scale unemployment in the less developed cities of the world is caused by
A. Lack of security

B. Affected cities are flashpoints of economically and politically motivated protests
C. High level of urban-rural migration
D. Low rate of development

7. A scale of 1:100,000 is the same as
A. 1cm:10km
B. 1cm:100km
C. 1cm:1000km
D. 1cm:1km

8. If the vertical interval between two locations on a map is 500metres and the horizontal
distance between them is 5000metres, what is the average gradient between the two
A. 1:50
B. 1:5
C. 1:10
D. 1:100

9. On a topographic map, the index to adjoining sheet is used to
A. Know the latitudinal location of the map
B. To show clearly the features on the map
C. To locate magnetic north on the map
D. To know the next adjoining sheet in the map series

10. In the USA, short and long grasses can be found in which region?
A. rocky areas
B. woodland areas
C. prairies
D. forests

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