What is christian Religious Knowledge?


1. Standing in the place of the ancient Israelites’ belief system today are three major religions
A. Judaism, Christianity and Islam
B. Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity
C. Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism
D. Judaism, Hebrewism and Islam.

2. How did historians succeed in scrutinizing the Old Testament to discover its nature and
A. Chronologically
B. Historically
C. Methodically
D. Systematically

3. What was salvaged at the destruction of the first Temple by King Nebuchadnezzar in 605-
562 BCE?
A. The Israelites
B. Judaism
C. Religious Objects
D. Sacred texts

4. The Pentateuch is actually a patchwork of what was once a different text known as
A. Torah
B. Septuagint
C. The books of Moses
D. J.E.D.P.

5. The New Testament writers used the Greek version of the Bible called—
A. Talmud
B. Septuagint
C. Papyrus
D. Scroll.

6. The following criteria were observed by the early Church in the formation of the canon
A. the author must have either been an apostle or his close associate
B. the author must have been well lettered and knowledgeable
C. the document should not contradict other “inspired” writings
D. the document must share the overall nature of other inspired writings.2

7. The New Testament Canon evolved over the course of the period of Christian history
between …
A. 230-300 AD
B. 240-300 AD
C. 250-300 AD
D.260-300 AD.

8. The first Christian text that was not canonized but respected as authentic is the …
A. First Epistle of Clement of Rome
B. Gospel of Thomas
C. Epistle of Origen
D. Gospel of Claudius.

9. Toward the close of the 18th Century, freed slaves of West African ancestry began to
arrive and settle in a town called …
A. Cape Town
B. Creek Town
C. Freetown
D. Badagry

10. The trade in slaves from Africa to the Americas began around the …
A. Fifteenth-Sixteenth Century
B. mid-Sixteenth Century
C. Seventeenth-Eighteenth Century
D. mid Eighteenth to Nineteenth Century.

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