Agric Science

41. Liter is often used in poultry keeping to ____
A. control poultry disease
B. protect the birds from predators
C. provide a roost for the birds
D. provide absorbent layers for the birds’ droppings

42. What is the name of the organ directly responsible for the respiration of the young of
farm animals before birth?
A. fallopian tube
B. placenta
C. womb
D. Lungs

43. Sleeping sickness in farm animals is usually
A. caused by a trypanosome
B. caused by coccidiosis
C. transmitted by trypanosomiasis
D. transmitted by brucellosis

44. Which of the following is not an advantage of artificial insemination?
A. Semen from one bull can be used to serve many cows
B. good qualities of exotic breeds are obtained cheaply
C. selected males are used extensively
D. infectious diseases are widely transmitted

45. An unproductive animal completely removed from the rest of the stock is said to be
A. quarantined
B. culled
C. isolated
D. confined.

46. When a farm dies as a result of anthrax disease, it is best to
A. call a veterinary officer for a post-mortem examination
B. throw away the carcass into the bush where animals do not graze.
C. cull all other animals on the farm
D. cremate the carcass or bury it deeply

47. If an injured cow bleeds continuously for several hours, it is most likely that the diet
being fed to it is deficient in
A. Vitamin B
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin E

48. For artificial insemination to succeed, it must be timed to fall within the oestrus cycle
so that
A. the semen will be virile
B. the female will not resist service
C. the sperm will survive
D. fertilization will take place.

49. A famer who applies gypsum on his farmland intends to
A. decrease soil acidity
B. increase soil acidity
C. increase micribial activities
D. reduce leaching

50. The essential mineral element necessary for chlorophyll formation is
A. magnesium
B. molybdenum
C. sodium
D. boron

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