Agric Science

21. Organisms which transmit a disease organism to crops are called
A. parasite
B. hosts
C. bacteria
D. vectors

22. Soil profile is the ______
A. arrangement of different soil particles into different layers
B. chemical composition of different layers of soil
C. colours exhibited by different layers of soil
D. physical composition of different soil layers

23. Plants grown mainly for decoration are called
A. beautifiers
B. flowers
C. hedges
D. ornamentals

24. The most damaging effect sucking insects on crop is the
A. consumption of plant tissues
B. complete dehydration of crop plants
C. lowering of nutritive value of seeds
D. transmission of plant diseases

25. Which weed is easily dispersed by man
A. Aspilia Africana
B. Boerhaavia diffusa
C. bougainvilla spp
D. Emilia sonchifolia

26. Which crop can be propagated both sexually and vegetatively
A. maize
B. millet
C. oil palm
D. groundnut

27. The small-size beetles which bore into maize grains in storage are called
A. borers
B. caterpillars
C. grubs
D. nymphs

28. The removal of an unproductive cow from the herd is known as _______
A. Castration
B. Culling
C. Dubbing
D. isolation

29. The restriction of farm animals with rope to a peg is known as __________
A. Tagging
B. tattooing
C. Tethering
D. Tieing

30. The practice of mating closely related animals with one another is referred to as
A. Cross Breeding
B. hybridization
C. Inbreeding
D. Line breeding

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