Agric Science

What is Agricultural Science?


1. The dominant agent of weathering in the rain forest region of Nigeria is __
A. Water
B. Chemical
C. Animal
D. Plant

2. Which of the following is a primary rock-forming mineral?
A. Basalt
B. Quartz
C. Feldspar
D. Mica

3. The physical appearance of soil as indicated by the arrangement of individual particle
is known as
A. type
B. Capillarity
C. texture
D. structure

4. A crop improvement practice where varieties of crops with desirable qualities are
imported to a new area is
A. Selection
B. Guarantine
C. hybridisation
D. introduction

5. A crop which is self-fertilized is called
A. Hybrid
B. pure-line
C. mutant
D. recessive

6. Which of the following mineral element is essential for chlorophyll formulation?
A. sodium
B. molybdenum
C. boron
D. manganese

7. What is the effect of nematode on crop plant?
A. the plant wilts
B. flowering is induced
C. the roots grow faster
D. leaves develop a mosaic appearance

8. Layering in crop production is advantageous because
A. offspring perform better than their parents
B. pollination agents abound to ensure its success
C. possible failure of fertilization is avoided
D. variability arises in propagates

9. The side effects of the various preventive and control measures of pest and diseases of
crops with chemicals does NOT include
A. improved quality of farm produce
B. environmental pollution
C. poisoning of insect
D. destruction of the pathogen

10. The common name for Pennisetum purpureum is ___ grass
A. bahama
B. carpet
C. elephant
D. guinea

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