WES: Send your Nigerian transcript to USA and CANADA

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use wes to send your nigerian transcript to usa and canada

A Transcript is a document containing all course, grades, and scores acquired over the course of studying a program whether graduate or undergraduate.

A Nigerian Transcript typically contains the Universities letterhead, school address, student’s information (Name, matriculation number, Department, year of graduation).

Then it goes further to listing the course codes, course title, grades and scores of all undergraduate course from the first year(100 level) to final year(400 level) and the final cGPA(cumulative grade point average) as the case may be.

When applying to schools in the United States and Canada, a requisite requirement is an applicants’ educational transcript or List of scores. This is where World Evaluation Services (WES) comes to play.

This body (WES), based in the US and Canada has its function to Evaluate Transcripts and other credentials for authentication, thereafter, those Evaluated documents can be sent to schools and companies for admission and Jobs respectively.

WES offers other online service like: GPA calculator, Degree equivalency and scholarship finder at their website. www.wes.org.

For schools outside the US/ Canada not requiring WES evaluation, it is like this:

Student(Home Univeristy)>>>>>Transcript>>>>>> Receiving University(Abroad)

For schools in the US/ Canada requiring WES evaluation, it is like this:

Student(Home Univeristy)>>>>>Transcript>>>>WES>> Receiving University(Abroad)

So, therefore WES acts as a link between a student, home institution and the receiving institution.



  1. At first, head over to the WES website, ww.wes.org, sign up if you are a new user.
  2. Fill correctly all requires fields.
  3. Download the transcript request form, this will facilitate your schools release of your details.
  4. Select a package and Pay, you will be giving a reference number. This number is unique.
  5. Head over to your school to begin the process, but if abroad, read this page.
  6. Usually, the documents needed by WES, are the transcript and a copy of your Undergraduate certificate.
  7. Ensure that your WES reference number is clearly stated on the document and Envelop.
  8. Pay for a courier service like DHL, feDEX etc to have this package sent to WES in USA or CANADA.


Most times, After a pre check by WES, the documents may be sent to your home university for verification. Just make sure you always check your application status by logging in to your WES account always.

How Long does WES take to Evaluate Documents/ Transcripts

This varies and may take from 3-6 Weeks; it is usually slower during festive periods and holidays.

Note: when your document is sent back to your Home University for verification it is important to keep in touch with them to know if you will be needed to take any actions like paying one or more fees. This you can do by sending mails to the school asking them if you are required to perform any task. See a list of all Nigerian Universities and their Emails.

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