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Departments and courses offered at ttu

THIS IS inform the general public and prospective applicants that the new technical University has began with its 2017/2018 first intakes.

Students are introducing themselves already.

The Departments are as follows:

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Biomedical & Environmental Engineering

Department of Computational Sciences

Department of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Department of Mining & Geological Engineering

Department of Physical Sciences



It is with great pleasure that I welcome you warmly to The Technical University, Ibadan, the first Technical University in Nigeria and in West Africa. I also wish to congratulate you for being one of the pioneer students of this institution as this guarantees you a place of mention in the history of the University.

The University was conceived by the Visitor to the University and the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency, Senator Abiola Ajimobi on his assumption of office in 2011 as an institution where educational training achieves a balance between sound theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on experiences and skills in different academic disciplines as a well as vocations.

It is no gainsaying that Nigeria of today offers the average youth very little, if any, hope for great aspiration and academic endeavor. The gloomy situation notwithstanding, innovative, enterprising and creative Nigerian youths, like anywhere else in the world, are still making waves and re-defining trends and landmarks.

As part of your entrepreneurship awareness programme next week, you will have opportunity to meet and hear the stories of a few of them. The ultimate mission of Tech-U, which is to cultivate a cadre of professionals with technical competence requisite entrepreneurial skills, who are capable of creating jobs and employment, is to make you one of such Nigerian.

I therefore urge you to take every aspect of your stay at Tech-U very seriously as each activity builds on another to give you the best of what you require to be a trail blazer at the end of your training.

The Technical University is unique in many respects and guarantees every student a unique learning experience unlike what is obtainable in any tertiary institution in Nigeria. The grading system is unique and requires the same level of dedication and hard work in both practical and theoretical components to achieve success in any course you register for.

The practical components carry a higher mark and contribute more to the final assessment than is obtainable in conventional Universities. As will be demonstrated to you in the course of this orientation programme, the computation of your scores and grades is not just a mere addition of scores in the different elements of a course but a weighted average across the elements that goes into the final assessment.

In addition to the curricular requirements, it is mandatory that all students register and obtain certification in at least two different vocations or trades relevant to their course or their wishes before graduation. Successful completion and certification in French language competence is a minimum requirement before any student can obtain a degree from this University.

As a University of the future, there is a great emphasis on entrepreneurship. Following the orientation programme is a one-week Entrepreneurship awareness programmed as an appetizer to what the University has packaged for all its students.

We have an entrepreneurship curriculum that has been built into the different academic programmes and all students, irrespective of the degree programme to which you have been admitted, must go through and pass the stipulated entrepreneurship courses. By this, you will be prepared to create as well as recognize business opportunities anywhere you may find yourselves.

Irrespective of your background and upbringing, the Technical University has offered you a platform to create your future from now. Under my leadership as the Vice-Chancellor, the University will spare no effort to provide the best living and learning support for you to achieve success and be guaranteed a good future provided you are ready to make the required sacrifices. As you can envisage from the brief overview of our programmes, the task of succeeding is one that you need to take very seriously and I am quite optimistic that you will live up to the expectation.

As pioneer students, much is also expected of you as you will be the beacon for those coming behind you. You are part of the foundation and will all your life be part of the evolution of the University who could be called upon at all times. We expect that you will also make the required adjustments and sacrifices that is associated with being pioneer students, a status that make you stand you out among your peers all through your life.

On behalf of the management and staff of the University, I welcome you all and wish you good success.

Professor Ayobami Salami

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