TOEFL: How to register for the Examination in Nigeria, All about TOEFL

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register for toefl examination in Nigeria

TOEFL stands for Test on English as a Foreign Language. It is a required standardized examination result used by most foreign schools in which the language of Instruction is English. This test when taken and its scores sent to the receiving institution, it helps the school verify that the applicant is sufficiently proficient in English and can receive lectures with it.

As mentioned in this post, this TOEFL examination can be waived provided the applicant meets some requirements like, If the Official language in his/her country is English language and/or have already obtained a previous degree which was taught in English Language.

But if in your case, the TOEFL test cannot be waived, It is important to register for the examination and prepare adequately for it.



The most commonly used method by Nigerians is by visiting various registration centers across the country. TOEFL Exam used to offered using Paper and pen, but now the use of computers for testing is now prevalent. Not mentioning the reducing amount of test centers in country due to examination fraud/ cheating.

The tests are spread throughout the year may occur from 3-5 times in a month. Registration for the Examination can be done online via their website. Follow these steps.

  1. visit
  2. Sign up if you are a new user or simply login to your account.
  3. Click on register for Exam
  4. Choose TOEFL
  5. Select available examination centers close to you.
  6. Choose a desired date
  7. Complete your application by making a payment using your mastercard.
  8. Print the application form and take it to the examination.

 You will be required to come along with an ID, A passport or National identity card or National voters card will suffice.Test score is valid for two years.

I need HELP? Contact me

Do you need help registering for this examination? I can help you. Call me on 08135227121 or Email: [email protected]. I don’t want to publish a specific amount for the examination because it may be changed over time.

It ranges from #50,000-#70,000

Make payments to.

Bank:Zenith Bank International


Account NUMBER: 2048802794

After the transfer, send me your NAME, time of payment, Transaction ID for confirmation.

I’ll collect your details; you give me your preference for exam center and date.

How long will it take?

Same day! You contact me today, your registration is finalized that same day.

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