Things to consider before choosing a University/ Higher institution of learning

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I asked a jambito, “Why UNIBEN”? he said, “ because the school is big”.

What should be the motive behind your choice of course and university? Could it be;

“My parents told me to”

“Because I heard there are girls in the school”

“The school is behind my house”

“My father lectures there”

“All are my friends are there” and so on…

Whatever the rationale behind your choice, it is strongly that there should be a genuine reason which facilitated this. It should be a result of extensive research about your prospective school of choice. It is worrisome that most candidates don’t perform these checks.

We know that the number of candidates each year steadily outweighs the number of chances for admission, but a good survey will do no harm. Without further ado, here are the things to consider.

  • Your chosen course: yes, some schools are better equipped for some certain course than others. The way medicine or Law is taught in UNN for example could differ from the way it is being taught In UNILAG. Also, standards differ whether you like it or not, don’t settle for less, aspire for the best.


  • Money: There is no need choosing a school when it is very obvious that funding your schooling will be problematic and maybe impossible.  Some schools are more affordable than others, choose wisely.


  • Distance: I don’t think this is as important as the ones above, but choosing a university / higher institutions of learning which would be comfortable for you and your guardians in terms of its distance from your house wouldn’t be out of place.

There are other reasons which influence these choices which have not been mentioned. Those listed above are important but the most important would be your; Drive/focus/passion. By nature, we are limitless. Nobody can stop you but yourself. Critically reflects on these step and these phases should turn our out easy and successful.

Let us know if there is a missing point or have a question for us, leave a comment below. A post will be made on courses and best universities which offer them



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