Second Sunday of the Year! Hope you go church?- JAMBITO

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Worlds most renowned healer -Time
Waits for you not- Time
Yet shapens your life-Time.

Just a week and some hours ago at this time, we were all getting prepared for the approaching brand new calender year, 2018.

Some of us camped at various churches for the cross over Night, at the stroke of 12 am, a resounding HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! could be heard in virtually every part of the country graced with those gun-shot mimic noise producing generators-Knock-outs bangers whatever.

As usual, its a new year new me hyme which will be sang for a few days and then jettisoned. What was your New year resolution?

Did you set targets you can meet? . For me, my resolution is to remain positive and happy no matter the situation i face.

Like my Aunt always says, “This life too short to suffer “. Remember the beginning of this post?
I think she may be right though. Back to church-

As a Catholic, i attend the 7am mass. What church do you attend?. A chilly morning but the North east trade winds(harmattan ) have gotten their ghana-must-go packed up.

Today’s sermon was about  The birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king. Hope you remember the three wise men who were instructed by the king to search for the new born king At The appearance of a star?.

The three wise men on getting to the place of Christ birth where astonished, fell down and worshipped him. Instead of reporting back to Herod, they presented Gold frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus. They Departed to their country by another way.

Like Jesus Christ, do you have a unique marker like the star? By a marker , I mean a virtue you possess in Excellence . Some are marked by vices like lying, stealing and the likes.

Chei I nor just sabi preach.

I implore you this new year to increase your virtues and possibly do away with vices if you can. It will go a long way to helping you accomplish your new year New me

But before I continue,

Hope you go church?

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