Pay Our Allowee: Corp Members lament

Whats service without requital?

“I doubt there’s any government official in this country who does next to nothing that would take a delay or Non payment of his/her oversized salary as picayunish”- a corp member says.

As meagre as the amount paid by the federal government as stipends for the serving youths of this country, it is utterly disgusting that some avaricious members of the NYSC scheme have in a way circumvented this fund and refused to disburse it appropriately.


“Have you been paid?”, “Were you paid for March?”, “Oh my allawee”, “oh my no alert”…

In truth, should this be music young, diligent, fresh graduates of this “great” nation dance to? These are the youths who have travelled far away from home, from comfort, from “peace” serving this country with most teachers in secondary schools and other paraphernalia. Giving back to the society and all they get is being greeted with neglect.

Corp members who had thier Orientation in Yobe State, Batch “b” stream 2 precisely hereby ask that thier “sorry” case be attended to. Not just in Yobe but to any other State experiencing such.

God bless Nigeria.

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