NYSC: How to redeploy to New state

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Redeploy from North nysc

You are here because you probably have been posted to Northern states or a state you don’t “like” or perhaps you would be among the next set of prospective corp members to be deployed to various states in the country.

So, if you have been posted to states like Borno state,Yobe state, Plateau state, Kaduna, Gombe state. For starters, redeployment for Married women is easy and not negotiable.

Some corp members complain of the distance, some insecurity,Jobs and other personal reasons.

Factors facilitating Redeployment :

1. Marital status
2. Health and fitness
3. Insecurity
4. Money (connection)

This is nigeria and the truth has to be told. Any of the factors listed above would bring about redeployment.

If you have been posted already, just go for the orientation camp course first and as usual, two weeks in these options would be made available.

If you are posted to a Northern state and would be like to be redeployed to any other state the insecurity option wont be a bad idea.

For the marital status offcourse, you will be taken to the state of your chioce.

The Health and fitness option also secures redeployment but should be used genuinely. I have heard of PCMs branding themselves with all kind of illness just get redeployed. Is it really worth it?

As for the Money option, I guess I don’t have to explain this (if you nor get money  hide your face ).thats all lol.

That being said I think NYSC exposes the youths, brings them out of their comfort zones and overall makes them better and independent individuals.

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