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Nasarawa State University Keffi NSUK 2017/2018 online result processing Guide

This is to inform the general public and students at the Nasarawa State University Keffi NSUK that the school management has just announced its 2017/2018 online result processing guide.

Nsuk 2017 2018 undergraduate registration procedure


 Now that the University has adopted online Result Processing and this will be extended to 200Level for 2017/18 Academic Session and subsequently as the student progresses it will cover 300 – 500Level. It is important for you to be guided on what to do. Please, read carefully as you are liable for the correctness of your Course Registration which determines your results.

  1. It is your responsibility to collect a copy of courses to be registered on semester basis from your department usually through your level coordinator.
  2. Ensure you select all courses online on your student portal and make sure what you have on your portal tallies with what you are given by your level coordinator if not, kindly report to him/her for prompt communication to the IT Centre.
  3. Ensure that the total credit units registered online conform with what you are given by the department.
  4. Print and make a total of four (4) copies of your Course Registration Form and take them to your level coordinator for signing. If at the point of signing it was discovered that there is an error, ensure you return to the portal to make the correction accordingly.

NB: Do not use pen or biro to change or add course(s) or reduce/increase credit unit as this will not reflect on the portal and as a result will affect your result computation.

  1. Make sure you register your courses within the registration period. Failure to do this will result to forfeiture of your academic session.

By clicking “I Understand”, it is taken that you have read and understood what is expected of you. Wishing you a wonderful Semester.

IT Management Team


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