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Hello there, I hope after reading this you might want to have a rethink or a change of plan/intention towards your new journey as a “Jambito” in any of the Nigerian higher institutions. I created this page to reach out to you, yes you, just you.

jambito diary


This is one of many other phases in life. Like you today, I was a Jambito too some years back. By Jambito, I am referring to Fresh students or 100level students, students on the remedial/ Pre-degree programs and off course those awaiting Admission into various Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics, and Colleges of Education and so on.

Those still seeking admission, I pray you find one. Also, congratulations to those who are admitted already. I’m happy for you not only because you have made it into a school but because you have a clean and a genuine opportunity to change your life forever.

Gaining admission in the present Nigeria would suffice to almost nothing after graduation if you fail to be enrolled into the big Courses. By big Courses, I mean LAW, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE, BANKING AND FINANCE etc…. it is the truth, though painful, it must be accepted and dealt with.

Which company in Nigeria is ready to employ the over 30,000 Industrial chemistry graduates churned out yearly amidst the presence of Engineering graduates (Civil, Petroleum, Chemical etc) with a sizable amount of these Engineers equally jobless. You see what I mean?

Why study political science when the top Dogs in politics are graduates of LAW, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE etc. Don’t get me wrong, no course is necessarily bad, but the situation of things has left me with no choice. Ever wondered why the elites among us use their connection/Money to ensure their wards get the best courses?


Ironically, I thank God for one thing. The course you study does not determine if you will be successful in life or not. This depends on something, yourself.

Regardless of the course you have been admitted to, one thing is for sure. You will someday receive a Certificate/ Degree as the case may be. But ask yourself, what is the worth of this Degree?, for having sake?.

The easiest way though “hard” is to graduate with a first class or a minimum of second class upper (2,1). Yeah I know, it is not a guarantee to success, it is a positive step towards it.

These days, most young boys graduate and take on Yahoo yahoo(Gee) as full time employment LOL. Do you blame them? Like Small Doctor and Davido rightly said “if you nor get money, hide your face”. Why go through school and end up being a yahoo boy. You might as well do without schooling since education is not a criteria for being a yahoo boy/ girl.

I think Gee should be incorporated as a department in the Nigerian educational system. What do you think? NUC take note.

Lets “Meet john 24 a first class graduate of Yahoo Yahoo from the University of Gee” hahaha sounds funny right?

Even the big Gees you know put a lot of effort into achieving “notable financial” success, So many sleepless nights burning the “technological” candle lol. Just like the first class graduates. You see, hardwork is the Answer in close connection with prayers if you believe in it.

What would stop you from achieving a good result if you stay dedicated to your studies during your four/ five years in school? Something can, Nothing!!!. Going back to our discourse, no matter the department/ course you may have been admitted to, I encourage you to make the most of it.

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It is DO-A-ble

It will help in the long run. That is why I will put some materials/  preparatory guidelines that will help you do just that. Wait on it.

Meanwhile, il’d like you to know also that there are scholarship opportunities waiting for your good results. As we regularly post on this blog. That’s if you may want to leave this country someday for an upgrade.

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