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The authorities  of the Federal Polytecnic Nekede Owerri, have on the 19th of March 2019 issued a press statement, stressing the fact that there are no killings at the school.

Fed poly NEKEDE

The attention of the management of the federal polytechnic Nekede, Owerri has
been drawn to a publication that appeared on Monday march 18, 2019 edition of
the nation newspaper page 5 captioned as follows; “Imo poly” while the inside
story on page 5 quoted the incidents to have occurred at “Federal Polytechnic
Nekede, Imo State”.

The management of the federal polytechnic Nekede, Owerri reacts particularly to
this write-up and similar ones that draw their story line there from as follows.

  1. There is a state polytechnic at Umuagwo which is referred to as “Imo Poly”
  2. The state polytechnic is a different institution from federal polytechnic
    Nekede, Owerri, a federal government of Nigeria wholly owned
  3. No incident as reported ever took place in federal polytechnic Nekede,
    Owerri neither was academic activities ever grounded in the federal
    Polytechnic Nekede whether as a result of any imputed cult war or any
    cause whatsoever.
  4. To the knowledge of the polytechnic, none of its students had been killed,
    maimed nor harassed in the midst of any cult war, now or before now.
  5. The polytechnic challenges the newspaper to furnish the students
    particulars of any “dead student’ and show how it correlates to the federal
    polytechnic Nekede as an institution.
  6. That there is no public deployment into the campus of the federal
    polytechnic Nekede. The polytechnic however, expresses its implicit
    confidence in the ability of the Imo state police commissioner and state
    Director, D.S.S. to handle any incident on alleged breaches of public peace
    in any part of the state.
  7. That the polytechnic management is not unaware of news flashes in the
    social media on alleged breaches of public peace in the state, but its not in
    doubt of he ability of the police and state security under current leadership
    in the state to remain on top of the alleged situation.
  8. In the same vein, management reiterates once again that none of those
    incidents took place in the polytechnic, neither was any of its Bonafede
    students affected or its academic activities grounded in any guise.
  9. The rector of the polytechnic is not “Martin Aligbe” as falsely reported and
    the polytechnic has nobody in its employ called “Martin Aligbe’, The rector
    of the polytechnic is Rev. Engr. Dr. M. C. Arimanwa.
  10. Finally, the management shows its displeasure to such unbalanced
    reportage and implores media houses to always confirm their stories
    before going to the press as it took years of hard work and sustained
    purposeful leadership for this polytechnic to attain its current enviable
    height and image.
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