Euthanasia- by Zuby Baron

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You might not believe me but I represent nothing more than an echo in your head, I was there through it all and I saw and heard every single thing.

I was there when Simi’s two kidneys suddenly failed, sending her straight into a coma. I was there when, upon arriving at the hospital in an ambulance, her barely conscious body was attached to a very expensive dialysis machine.

I watched her husband, Festus, pay the huge medical fee installment, which only turned out to be the first of many more to come. I was there when, after intense medical assessment, Dr. Frederick revealed to Festus that Simi was in need of an urgent kidney transplant.

I saw Festus’s frustration increase as he approached all of Simi’s living relatives- aunts, uncles, cousins and even her sister!- only to painfully realize that they didn’t care at all if Simi survived or not.

I stood by and watched when, after paying yet another huge medical fee for the thirteenth week running, Festus noticed his account balance inching closer to the red and his feet began to grow cold.

I was there by Simi’s sick bed and I saw her go through different stages of pain. I watched her swell to the size of a balloon over and over again, and as if fate hadn’t messed up her life enough, the doctors soon discovered that her right lung had developed an infection.

Within weeks, I watched Simi undergo two surgeries. She grew very bony and lost so much weight, she began to look like she had AIDS. Simultaneously, I saw Festus grow wearier by the day as his fortunes rapidly dwindled.

I saw Simi struggle valiantly as she fought the harsh battles of lung cancer and renal failure. Though she was in great pain and could no longer breathe or excrete without mechanical aid, she obstinately refused to give up.

I could hear her sub-conscious thoughts and it shocked me deeply that despite her excruciating situation, she held on to life only because of her husband and their eleven-year-old twins.

I was there when, after four months of an unproductive search for a new kidney for Simi’s transplant, Festus decided to consider euthanasia.

I watched Dr Frederick pretend to try to convince Festus against taking the action while inside of him he celebrated; as he had already planned to double the medical bill immediately after Simi’s eventual discharge or death.

I stood by and watched as Festus signed the document in tears and sealed the deal. I watched Similoluwa slowly breathe her last as Nurse Miriam, under Dr Frederick’s instruction, removed her oxygen tube.

At the final hour, I, Superego, was there when, barely three hours after Simi was detached from the life-support machine, a young doctor excitedly burst into the Intensive Care Unit to announce that a suitable lung and kidney had finally been found for Simi.

I watched Festus fall to his knees at the news, crying in bitter regret. However, it didn’t matter anymore, the deed had been done.

The indubitable truth is that, contrary to what euthanasia promises, there is no mercy whatsoever in allowing someone be killed, regardless of the level of pain they may be in.

No matter how terminal an illness is, there is always a possibility for survival. Every single life is vital.

Besides, no one knows what tomorrow might bring.

Ultimately, we must come to an understanding that as long as there is still life – no matter how faint it might be – it must be preserved.

P.S: Zuby(not the superego) actually supports euthanasia in rare cases. What do you think of Euthanasia???


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