Tell me your JAMB score, I’ll give you a course.


Hello Jambitos, this article is not aimed at limiting your target score at the forthcoming 2017 JAMB examinations. It will only serve as a guide to help candidates make a more reflective choice.

Ps note.

“Your JAMB score is not the only precursor which determines if you would be admitted or not. In universities and other higher institutions of learning the POST-UTME examination is partly a determinant and often times compulsory“

So, getting abreast with the questions and method of delivery of the POST-UTME examination by your preferred institution of learning is a positive step. Let’s start with;



Courses Preferred UTME score
1.Law 270+
2.Fine and applied arts 220+
3.French 200+
4.Theatre arts 210+
5.Music 210+
6.Christian religious studies 200+
7.Linguistics 220+
8. English and Literary studies 220+
9. Arabic and Islamic studies 200+
10. History and International studies 230+
11. other art courses




Courses Preferred UTME scores
Agriculture 210+
Agricultural economics 220+
Agronomy 210+
Anatomy 240+
Architecture 230+
Biochemistry 230+
Animal and environmental  biology 220+
Botany 220+
Building 230+
Chemistry 230+
Civil engineering 250+
Chemical engineering 250+
Computer engineering 250+
Crop science 210+
dentistry 250+
Forestry 220+
Geology 230+
Industrial chemistry 225+
Mathematics 220+
Medical laboratory sciences 240+
Pharmacy 260+
Medicine and surgery 265+
physics 230+
statistics 220+
Petroleum and Gas engineering 250+
microbiology 230+


Social Sciences

Courses Preferred UTME score
sociology 220+
Mass communication 230+
Geography and regional planning 230+
Political science 220+
Philosophy 235+
Psychology 230+
Economics 240+


The scores provided here are only arbitrary and should not be regarded as standard, but should help candidates in goal setting. If your course was omitted or you have any questions pertaining JAMB or any scholastic question, do so using the comment box below. Our administrators will gladly give a helping hand.


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