10 Pictures Nigerian Corp Members can relate to.

With thousands of students graduating every year, the NYSC is now  a compulsory and inevitable part of tertiary education since Nigerian graduates are ineligible for employment unless a one year service is duly completed.

Notwithstanding, the experiences of Corp members in the orientation camp and during the Service year are thus humorously depicted.

1.First day in Orientation camp.

(In Rihanna’s voice) corper Is this what you came for..

2. When soldiers wake you up the first morning at 4:30am

3. Swearing in day

Everythings GOOD

4. How soldier’s feel when punishing corpers.

Double up…double up…

5.Corpers during SAED lectures.

That shit can be boring..sometimes


6. The random faintings

They scary though

7. Sunday Rice queue


8. How corpers feel on the last day in camp.

9. When they receive the first allowance

30 billion for the account o


10. Lets go for CDS

If i slap you??

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